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A healing practice focused on holistic approaches to well-being. Seeing clients in the USA & Internationally.  


My Journey of Learning


A beautiful journey has led me to many incredible teachers and wisdom paths resulting in the XO Wellness healing practice.

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Carrie E. Hamilton


Homeopathic Master Clinician, Flower/Gem/Light Essences, Wholistic Life Guidance

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My Journey to XO: A Healing Practice that began Within

"My world has been forever changed. 
A personal journey of healing, curiosity and passion has provided me with the gift of learning and sharing with others.  
I can see 3 direct experiences in my life that led me to begin my personal healing outside of the traditional allopathic medicine model. The first was a reoccurring case of misdiagnosed strep throat in 1999, then a car accident on vacation in Puerto Rico in 2000 and finally, a fall down an Alaskan mountain in  2003. Each of these events brought me closer to myself and the awareness that my body is not a car that one takes to a mechanic to get fixed. It is a complex, precious and sometimes mysterious vessel that I needed to learn how to connect with on a level I had just begun to experience.    

Strep throat helped me to gain my VOICE and take personal responsibility for my body and my emotional connection to it.

Puerto Rico gave me a healer that showed me true healing occurs on LAYERS  beyond the physical body.  

Alaska led me to homeopathy, an experience that LIFTED A VEIL from my eyes that I did not even know existed and was blocking my view all along.  

I am full of infinite gratitude and love for my continued journey and will be honored to be a part of yours."

Carrie Hamilton is an international healer. She is the founder of XO Wellness. Her approach to healing is with homeopathy, flower/gem/light essences, one-of-a kind healing jewelry and wholistic life guidance. She also works in collaboration with an integrative medical doctor as a Classical Homeopath at All Worlds Health based in Atlanta, GA

Her personal journey of healing, curiosity for wellness and a true desire to find the root causes of dis-ease inspired Carrie to train within the homeopathy world of medicine and obtain her homeopathic masters clinician certification through the revered Luminos School. Carrie also studied and trained extensively with the healing powers of flowers, gems, spiritual light sourced essences, chakra based healing and energy medicine.

Her studies began in 1999 and continue as she treasures the sacred experience of participating in her clients healing paths. 

Understanding how you experience the world is key to the process of uncovering your best health.

Personalized...individual...one of a kind.

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Each of these events brought me closer to myself and the awareness that my body is not a car that one takes to a mechanic to get fixed. 

I hope you will take the next step closer to connecting with your true essence.

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Learning Journey

BA UNC-Chapel Hill, Psychology, Sociology, Economics

2000: 1st Reiki Attunement by Gayle Kimball, Puerto Rico

2000: Began Studies of Eastern and Western Healing Modalities

2001: Level 1 Reconnection Training with Eric Pearl

2002: Energy Medicine with Donna Eden: Easlen, Big Sur California

2003- : Homeopathic Studies with Lou Klein of Luminos

2006- : Bach Flower Studies

2006-2016: Homeopathic Master Clinician

2008: Licensed Esthetician

2008-: Dowsing and Energy Clearing with Raymon Grace

2009-2012: Certified Spiritual Energy Healer with School of Esoteric Healing (CSEH)

2011: Holographic Re-patterning/Space Clearing/Earth Alchemy Certification

2011: Ordained Minister with Sanctuary of the Beloved

2012-: Homeopathic Studies with Jan Scholten

2014: Flora Corona Practitioner

2015: Gold Standard Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Level 1

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Available in the USA and internationally.

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