Crosses from Ethiopia


Brass crosses for Ethiopia.

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Jewelry & Scarves


Jewelry and scarves from women's groups in Cambodia.

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Custom Jewelry


Healing Jewelry by Carrie. 

Healing Jewelry

Gifts from Abroad: Jewelry & Scarves

Cambodia: Jewelry & Scarves

I spent 9.5 months traveling through New Zealand, Indonesia and Cambodia exploring the healing energies of the land, people and sacred spaces.  I had life changing experiences that have grown me as an individual and a practitioner.  I want to share the beautiful creations I brought back from Cambodia.  Each textile or piece of jewelry you purchase contributes to bettering the lives of these Cambodian artisans. Instead of giving the money to an NGO, the proceeds directly benefit the creators of these products.

  • Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted by Cambodian artisans using brass bullet and bomb casings. 
  • Each textile is hand spun, woven and designed by Cambodian artisans in their villages. 

Their country has been devastated by decades of genocide and war. Their ability to overcome after deep trauma has left an imprint on my heart forever. My life has been profoundly transformed by the beauty of the people and landscapes of Cambodia.

Sharing is healing

A percentage of the profits from all sales will go towards these Cambodian artisans AND the All Worlds Foundation.

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The famous cross of Lalibela

Ethiopia: Crosses

Before exploring the tribes of Southern Ethiopia in the Omo River Valley, we had the spiritual and ancient experience of Lalibela. Ethiopia was one of the earliest nations to adopt Christianity in the first half of the fourth century and Lalibela is one of the holiest cities and home of the Rock-Hewn Churches, UNESCO World Heritage sites. I have a small collection of special brass crosses from this region.

Custom Healing Jewelry



Your energy, your aura, your inspiration, your style, your healing, your wishes.... all infused into a custom adornment. 


Healing materials and colors

Please enjoy looking at the creations and contact us for custom orders.  Not all jewelry pieces are pictured on the site, feel free to connect and request to see more. 

Interested in a Healing Present?

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Available in the USA and internationally.

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